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Donation Requests

The Lake Geneva Jaycees are a 501(c)(4) American tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation.  We are a civic organization that raises money through various fund raising events and member contributions.  The revenue we derive each year is given back to our community in the form of various donations.  Along with several multi-year commitments, the Jaycees always welcome donation requests.  Our tax ID number is 39-1230293.

The process by which donations are granted requires the following:

1. The applicant/s download and fill out a Donation Request Form (available here).

2. Once completed, please email the Donation Request Form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. The Donation Request form will be reviewed in the order in which they are received, by the Board of Directors at the next available Board Meeting.

4. If a recommendation is made by the Board of Directors, the Request will forward to the next subsequent General Meeting of the Membership of the Lake Geneva Jaycees.

5. The applicant/s may be asked to come and present at this time, in front of the General Membership and to answer any questions. 

6. The recommendation will be acted on by the General Membership based on the Board Recommendation.

7. If approved at the General Meeting, the applicant/s will be notified by phone and or email with the result and donation amount.

8. A check for the approved donation amount will be issued by the end of the next Board Meeting.

The process can take on average of 45 days or more.  If you have a strict time line, please be sure and get your Donation Request in as soon as possible. The Board of Directors meets every 4th Wednesday of the month.  The General Membership meets every 2nd Wednesday of the Month. 

Donation Request Form  PDF

Donation Request Form  Word Doc


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