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The Jaycees use a Chairman's Planning Guide (CPG) to turn our member's ideas for new fund raising events into reality. A CPG, simply put, is a business plan. A CPG covers every aspect of running a project. This includes goal setting, manpower assignments, budgeting, devising a time line and careful evaluation of the project's success.

The CPG is the one tool that we have that other organizations do not. It was devised By Jaycees, For Jaycees. This planning guide is your resource for running a successful project.

A CPG is written to aid the project chairperson in planning a successful project. When done correctly, the CPG process will develop the leadership skills of your chapter members. If the CPG demonstrates that the project has impacted the chapter, its members and the community, then it may be considered as a potential CPG award winner.

The Lake Geneva Jaycees has a CPG Library that contains past and present CPG's for all our Events. We also have a CPG Template for use in the creation of new events, or the revision of current ones for new Chairpersons of existing events.

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The CPG Document Library is located here

A CPG Template is available here



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